Non-residential area of 136.2 square metres on 36, Doroshenka Str. was sold at auction for 10.4 million. USD.

Office of community property evicted unfair renter on 9, Zelena Str – the space of 747 square metres is now free for renting.


Lviv City Council Office of community property is inviting active young people to become a Lviv City Council's trainee. The main req...
Applying for participation in the tender is opened until 18.04.2015 in Lviv Center of administrative services (1, Rynok Square, 1, e...
Управління комунальної власності департаменту економічної політики Львівської міської ради  оголошує комерційний  та некомерційний к...

Objects of community property

Object area: 63,8 м²
District: Frankivskyi
Street: Skisna
Object area: 102,1 м²
District: Shevchenkivskyi
Street: Dolynskoho
Object area: 121,1 м²
District: Halytskyi
Street: Bandery
Object area: 78,2 м²
District: Shevchenkivskyi
Street: Sinna
Object area: 33,3 м²
District: Zaliznychnyi
Street: Brativ Miknnovskykh
Object area: 141,1 м²
District: Lychakivskyi
Street: Vakhnianyna
Object area: 42,7 м²
District: Frankivskyi
Street: Henerala T.Chuprynky
Object area: 22,1 м²
District: Frankivskyi
Street: Henerala T.Chuprynky
Object area: 5,5 м²
District: Sykhivskyi
Street: Srypnyka
Object area: 66,1 м²
District: Lychakivskyi
Street: Slipoho
Object area: 28,4 м²
District: Shevchenkivskyi
Street: Shevchenka
Object area: 4,2 м²
District: Lychakivskyi
Street: Henerala M.Tarnavskoho