Administrative services - the result of authoritative power execution the by administrative services provider at the request of a natural or juridical person, focused on the acquirement, change or lapse of right and/or obligations of such person according to the law.

Claimant - natural, legal person who applies for obtaining administrative services.

Administrative services provider - executive authority, other state body, authority of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local government and their officials are authorized under the law to provide administrative services.

Claimants have a right to freely obtain  information on administrative services and provision of procedure.

Administrative services provision is  fee-based (administrative fee is paid), in cases foreseen by the law.

Administrative services provision fee (administrative fee) and its procedure is prescribed by the law, taking into account its social and economic importance.

Fee for administrative services (administrative fee) is paid by claimant once and fully for all administrative services provider’s actions and decisions that are necessary for administrative services.

Terms of providing administrative services should  not exceed 30 calendar days from the date of claimant’s documents application

Administrative services provider provides administrative services and the Centre for Administrative Service Provision ensures coordination provision of such services in the shortest way and with the minimum number of claimant’s visits.

Administrative service is supposed to be provided from the moment of its obtaining by the claimant personally or by post (registered letter with a notice of delivery) with a notice about possibility of obtaining such service to the claimants address. In the cases specified in the law, a needed document can be sent by post (registered letter with a notice of delivery) or by means of telecommunications. Hereat the delivery time is not added to the period of administrative services provision.